Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ovarian Cysts...

For almost the last month, I have been in almost constant pain. I talked with my mom about the symptoms I was having and she suggested that it might be cysts (she suffered from them for years). I went home and did research and sure enough, I am exhibiting most of the symptoms that occur with ovarian cysts. I have pain (horrible!), sometimes nausea, VERY heavy periods, just to name a few. So I have made an appointment with my midwife to get this checked out. In my research, I read that sometimes birth control pills can help alleviate the symptoms associated with ovarian cysts. That is probably going to be the easiest route to travel. I have been on the pill before so it's not a big deal. My only concern in this whole situation is related to fertility. I am slightly concerned about how these cysts (if indeed that is what I am suffering from and not something more/less serious) will effect my fertility. I know I have already been SO blessed with my boys and if, for some reason, I should become infertile, I will still be very thankful for them. But part of me still wants a little girl. And I just worry that this... Problem is going to effect my chances of having that little girl I so desire. So here is my question for anyone reading this blog. What effect, if any, has having ovarian cysts had on your fertility? Also, if you do suffer from them, what treatments do you use? I know this blog doesn't fall under the topic "happy" or "hungry", so thanks for sticking around. I go to the doctor Wednesday, so I will do an update on my diagnosis and treatment. See you then!

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