Monday, September 20, 2010

Big Plans for Ian's Bedroom!

I am so excited! I have officially started planning "The Construction Zone" as it will be called from here on out. My son, Ian LOVES anything trucks, tractors, and dirt. So I have decided to design his bedroom around his loves. It is to be completed by March. I know, a lot of you will wonder, "Why are you starting in September?" Well, I have a few reasons. One, we are on a strict budget and I have to buy things as I can, a little at a time. So it might take me a while to get everything I need for his room. Two, his birthday is in March and his bedroom is to be his birthday present. And three, I have two children, so it might take me that long to find the time to finish designing it! But I have TONS of ideas. Most are really expensive, but the wheels are already turning in my brain, trying to think of ways to make it cheaper. My plan is to redo his room for under $200. And that number is for EVERYTHING. Well, that's the plan anyway... I may completely blow my budget. But generally, I am pretty good at sticking with it. I just have to figure ways to do the really creative stuff for little to no money... Shouldn't be too hard, right? I will be documenting this whole process and taking pictures galore. I already can't wait to see the end result. Right now, his room is very... Bland. He did have a little bit of a theme going on, but it was just curtains and a blanket. I am really ready to delve in. This will be the first room I will have painted since we moved into our house. And in my mind, it's going to rock. I hope you will enjoy the journey with me.

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