Friday, September 10, 2010

For the Love of Target

It is VERY rare for me to get out of the house alone. But today, my wonderful husband agreed to stay home with both of the boys so I could go get groceries. I usually like to go to the Super Target in Farragut. I know it's quite a drive just to get groceries, but they issue store coupons on their website and I usually have manufacture coupons to go along with them. So although it is a little out of the way, I usually save at least $30 on my groceries. And I also think they have a better selection of produce and other brands that Wal-Mart doesn't offer. But today, because I was on a time table, I had to go to Wal-Mart. It was HORRIBLE! They didn't have more than a few things on my list and it was so packed, I felt almost claustrophobic. I've never had an issue at Target with the crowd, line wait, or stock. I also take my own bags with me. Every time I go to Wal-Mart with them, it's as if I have inconvenienced them in some way. Yes, I know it might take a couple more minutes to load the reusable bags than the plastic ones, but I think I have more than enough plastic bags at home. I don't need any more. And with reusable bags, you can fit more in them, so that means less trips to the car. Not to mention, Target gives you five cents off for each reusable bag you use. In my opinion, it's win-win. When I checked coupons I intended to use, I realized I had only pulled out two the entire trip! It's usually 30-40 at Target. Today, I really missed going to Target. Lesson learned: I'll take the kids if it means I am able to save money in the process (and get everything on my list).

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