Thursday, September 9, 2010

No vanilla???

I wanted to make a cake... From scratch. I was feeling a bit adventurous in the kitchen and decided I was going to make a basic vanilla cake with buttercream frosting. My mouth was watering as I thought about it. I looked at the recipe I had (called a "1-2-3-4 cake") and it seemed easy enough. It called for cake flour and real butter. I didn't have either on hand (I usually DO have butter, but just ran out). But I wanted to follow the recipe to letter, so off to Wal-Mart for me. I got the cake flour and the butter, along with some powdered sugar and heavy cream for my buttercream. Glanced at the spice section and thought, "Do I need vanilla?" But I had looked up in the cabinet right before I left the house and saw I had a bottle. I did not, however, check to see how much was in the bottle. Big mistake. I got home from the store and laid out all my ingredients, fully prepared to have a wonderful confection by the end of the night. I reached up in the cabinet to get the vanilla and when I lifted the bottle, it felt empty (and when I checked, sure enough, there wasn't even 1/8 tsp left). I was saddened by this revelation. I looked down at my ingredients and sighed. I guess my cake will wait for tomorrow. But by then, will I even be in the mood to make it? Lesson learned: Don't assume just because there is a bottle in the cabinet, there is anything in it.

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