Friday, September 10, 2010

Vanilla, Part 2

So, I went and got the vanilla I was desperate for last night. I followed the recipe to the letter and the end result was just down right pathetic. I am very disappointed in myself. Well, not really. It is just a cake. But I have always done really well in the kitchen (tonight's dinner can atest to that). My mom makes cakes and I feel like I should have inherited that from her. But like a lot of things (her tasteful home decor, her affinity for jewelry, baking), I guess I didn't. I don't even know that I could call my frosting by its proper name. It's more like a buttercream glaze (if such a thing exists). As far as taste goes (that should probably be the main judging factor, but I like pretty food), it's actually not that bad. The cake itself was a little drier than I like, but would be awesome hot under some vanilla ice cream and berries. And the "frosting" was super sweet, but still had a pretty good flavor. All in all, I guess for my first cake (from scratch), it was a good effort. But it is a little more labor intensive than I like. I don't have a stand mixer, so I was holding the mixer for the 15 minutes it took to bring the mix together. I have a feeling that come tomorrow, I will feel like I worked out. At least with "real" food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), the labor is usually more chopping and dicing, sauteing and roasting. And I actually find all of that to be kind of therapeutic, especially after a long day. At least with cooking, I know that the end result will be something my family is going to love... Most of the time. Sometimes though, even dinner turns out like the cake: a good effort, but not so good end result. Lesson learned: There may be a good reason that Betty Crocker and Duncan Heinz are multi-million dollar companies. They make life simpler. Cooking from scratch sometimes is not. Next time, I'll be glad to reach for that box of cake mix.

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